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MLP Pop-Up Store Returns to Tokyo, Japan This August….We’re Jealous

You have to wonder: Would the promoters of Brony Con be stating that the fandom for MLP is dying if things like this below started appearing around the US or Canada?

You have to give it to the Japanese, they really do know how to do things uniquely.

Once again, The My Little Pony Pop-Up Store will be making a return in Japan. Running now, from August 25th through September 7th, this MLP Pop-Up store will be inside the Japan toy store Kiddy Land -Harajuku in Tokyo.

Although, Japan isn’t the whole country outside of the US or Canada that has hosted a Pop-Up Pony store, in previous years there has been on in London as well.

Hasbro has teamed up with the toy-maker Sanrio to create limited edition, MLP/Kiki & Lala merch for the event. Additionally, there will be items like coffee mugs, iPhone cases, poster prints available for sale to commemorate the Pop-Up location this year as well.

As most every pony knows, many of the MLP figures available in the US are often times not necessarily available in countries like Japan, and vice versa: there is MLP merch made exclusively for Japan that never makes it here across the pond. And with Trump’s new tariffs the possibility of that ever happening seems unlikelier than ever before.

A cool Japan MLP item that will be made available at the Pop-Up will be a “Sumer Special” edition of My Little Pony: Pony Tales Vol. 2. With a variant cover, as well as two canvas prints that were designed by Sara Richards, this exclusive item will only be available through the Pop-Up location in Tokyo.

Doesn’t it just frustrate you? Things like this are never fair. Why can’t we all be in Tokyo?

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