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MLP: Fan Fiction Scenes: The Treasure of Luna Bay

Lo! In times of hardship, the three pony tribes – Pegasi, Earth Ponies, and Unicorns – were plagued with blizzards. Winter spirits called Windigos came to feed off the hatred the three tribes had for each other. But on one fateful day, the tribes found friendship. They united and called their new land Equestria. A very wise and powerful Unicorn named Star Swirl the Bearded chose two young Alicorn mares to be the co-rulers of the new kingdom, and in a regal coronation, Celestia and Luna were crowned Princesses of Equestria. Thus, a new chapter in the two sisters’ lives had begun.

Star Swirl had been escorting Princess Luna and Princess Celestia all across Equestria. The purpose of their tour was to see the many lands and towns over which the two Princesses rule. Their travels brought them to scorching deserts, chilly mountaintops, humid jungles,  windy ravines. Oh, what a week it had been! Who could have ever thought that two young mares would wake up one morning and suddenly become princesses? Canterlot was the only home they had known. Now, here they are in the process of discovering the many kingdoms and municipalities across the land so recently named Equestria. Their world became so much bigger in such a short time, it was almost too much to take in.

As they traversed the snowy landscape of the Frozen North, they paused beside a quiet tranquil bay. It was time for Star Swirl the Bearded to assist his fellow Unicorns in their home, the Unicorn Kingdom, in lowering the sun and raising the moon. Though he was miles  away from them, his magic would still help.

“It is time,” said the sorcerer as he set his eyes on the sky. “The day must make way for the night. It is the cosmic harmony between the sun and the moon.”

Star Swirl closed his eyes to concentrate. His horn began to glow with a pale gray aura as he entered into a meditative state. In the gentle breeze, the bells on his hat and cape softly jingled, their peaceful tones not unlike those of koshi chimes. Princess Luna and Princess Celestia watched as he stood as calm as anypony could ever hope to be, and with such peace of mind. They greatly admired the Unicorns for being able to perform such an incredible feat. The two sisters gazed with awe at the beauty of the setting sun. As its golden glow faded beyond the horizon, the deep night sky revealed its treasure trove of diamonds. The great white sphere of the moon rose high above them, taking its place in the vast sea of stars. The crown jewel of the night cast upon them an ethereal glow. When the day took its slumber and the night awakened, the aura around Star Swirl’s horn faded and he opened his eyes.

“And now the day has become night,” Star Swirl declared. “Come, Princesses. Let us make camp. ‘Tis here shall we rest until the morn, at which time our journey shall resume.”

The sorcerer assisted the Royal Guard in preparing their tents. After the tents were pitched, the royalty settled in. All except for Princess Luna. “Luna, it is time for bed,” said Princess Celestia. “You don’t intend on staying up the whole of the night, do you?”

Princess Luna smiled. “Worry not about me, dear sister. The night calls out to me. It has for some time. Methinks upon this evening, I shall answer.”

Being the protective older sister, Princess Celestia warned her younger sister not to stay up too late, for even she must get some rest, but Princess Luna assured that she would be fine. Princess Celestia accepted Princess Luna’s decision, wished her a good night, and went to bed, leaving her to speak to the night in private.

Princess Luna went for a little walk. How she was captivated by the landscape’s beauty! The millions of stars in the deep sapphire sky, the big full moon whose reflection twinkled upon the surface of the glassy bay, and the faint cooling mist lingering in the air. If this is a dream, she thought to herself, I shan’t ever hope to wake.

As she made her way across the bay, taking in its magnificence, she happened upon a  little cove. There, she made a breathtaking discovery: the most beauteous sight her eyes had ever beheld. There was an incredible waterfall. Its roar was soothing. Water vapor and mist arose from where the cascade met a splendid body of water. The full moon’s reflection filled the whole of the pool, giving the tranquil water a mystic glow. A moonbow arched from one end of the cove to the other. Princess Luna felt a calming sensation sweep over her. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, inhaling the cool sea breeze. Looking ahead, the horizon seemed nonexistent.

There was no clear boundary between the sea and the sky. One step forward could take you into the water or into the cosmos.

Luna… Luna…
The Princess listened. Though there was not a soul around, she heard a voice call her
“‘Tis I, Luna!” the Princess answered. “Thou, o great night, calleth me and so do I

This was not a sound voice by any means; rather, it was a voice Luna heard in her head, or so she thought. It was a revelation. It was something she heard not with her ears or in her head, but with her heart. The night had called to her, and when she answered, she realized that the night was her destiny. Princess Luna could not wait to share her newfound treasure with her sister and Star Swirl.

The next morning, Princess Celestia woke up to golden sunbeams. Star Swirl was up early to help lower the moon and raise the sun, all part of that cosmic harmony. Princess Celestia made sure that her younger sister was awake.

“Luna, are you awake?” Princess Celestia checked in. Noticing that Princess Luna was not there, she rushed out of the tent. “Star Swirl!” she cried out. “Luna is gone. Have you seen her?”

“Fear not, Princess,” replied Star Swirl. “We will make certain that she is safe.”

As he called the Royal Guard to attention, Princess Luna returned to the camp with excitement. “Celestia! Star Swirl! You must come at  once to see the treasure I have found!”

“Luna, where have you been?” a worried Celestia asked. “Hast thou been away all  night?”

“The night sought an audience with me, and I with the night,” Luna explained. “I hath come upon the grandest of coves.” She continued with a sigh of delight, “‘Twas like a dream, sister. I want that you and Star Swirl should see it. Come now! I shall lead!”

 Princess Celestia and Star Swirl followed her to the hidden cove. When they got there, things were not quite right.

“Oh, how winsome!” Celestia admired.
“Quite charming indeed,” added Star Swirl.
“I do not understand,” Luna began. “It looks so ordinary. Yesternight, this cove ‘twas, unlike any terrestrial feature. I have no recollection of ever laying me down to sleep. Could my experience here have been nothing more than a waking dream?”
“Princess Luna, recount your experience, if you will,” Star Swirl requested.
“The night hath called to me,” Princess Luna explained. “When I answered, I saw before me all the beauties of the night. The wonders that awaken at dusk and slumber at dawn. I felt a connection with these spirits. ‘Twas then I realized that I am the night.”

“Thou hast seen what lies within thy soul,” Star Swirl interpreted. “You so love the night and so shall you be its guardian. If the wonders of this cove you wish for us to behold, we shall see it if that is what you desire. When the next moon rises, our eyes shall be opened.”

The group remained at the bay until nightfall. The Princesses spent the daylight hours learning from the knowledgeable Star Swirl the  Bearded. When the time came for the day to sleep and night to wake, Princess Luna took Princess Celestia and Star Swirl to the secret cove.

Everypony gazed upon its splendor with wonderment. How she loved to be able to share its grandeur with them!

When morning came, Princess Luna was saddened at the thought of having to leave, but Star Swirl assured her that if the night was truly inside her, she would see its beauty no matter where she travels. As they departed, Star Swirl took a quill and inscribed something on his map of Equestria. Princess Luna read that he wrote her name followed by the word “Bay.”

“Luna Bay?” the youngest of the two sisters questioned. 

“Yes,” Star Swirl nodded. He elaborated, “This is your bay, Princess, and so shall  bear your name.”

In due time, Princess Luna would take the responsibility of raising and lowering the moon, and Princess Celestia of raising and lowering the sun. She would govern the night and her older sister the day. From time to time, she would come back to her bay and spend the night in the cove. Whenever she would go, and there were campers or passersby, she would gladly show them her secret cove and reveal the mysteries of the night. And anypony who laid eyes upon it agreed that it certainly is a treasure. The Treasure of Luna Bay.

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