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MLP Fan Fiction: Scenes: City Apple and Country Orange

Yee-haw! Everypony was having a hoof-scootin’ good time at the Apple family reunion. Darn near every Apple relation from all across Equestria traveled over yonder to Sweet Apple Acres. Hayseed Turnip Truck was there and so was Apple Split. Granny Smith, Goldie Delicious, and Auntie Applesauce reminisced about days gone by. Applejack made certain that her kith and kin were having fun playing games like horseshoes, bobbing for apples, and running an obstacle course. Apple Bloom, Babs Seed, and Grand Pear were enjoying a peaceful hayride through the orchard. The fresh scent of apples of many a variety wafted through the country air. Big Mac served up some down-home country cooking with all the fixings and plenty of cider to go around.

Much to everyponies’ delight, Aunt Orange and Uncle Orange arrived from Manehattan. They were greeted with whoops and hollers.

“Well bless my soul!” exclaimed Applejack. “It’s Aunt ‘n Uncle Orange! Golly, Ah ain’t seen y’all in a month o’ Sundays. How’s the city life treatin’ ya?”

“It’s a pleasure to see you, too, Applejack,” said Aunt Orange.

“Manehattan is quite splendid, thank you for asking,” said Uncle Orange.

“Ah don’t reckon Ah could ever live in the city,” Apple Bloom explained. “Too many lights and sounds. Quiet country-livin’s my kinda life.”

“Ah remember when Ah was a little filly comin’ to live in Manehattan,” reminisced Applejack. “City life jus’ wasn’t for me.”

“You would’ve fit in so well, dear,” said Aunt Orange.

“I must say, I don’t believe I could acclimate myself to country life,” said Uncle Orange. “I’m too accustomed to city life.”

“Hey, Ah’ve got an idea!” Apple Bloom exclaimed. “Why don’t we trade places? It might be innerestin’ to see what it’s like to live in each other’s horseshoes.”

“Are you suggesting that your Uncle and I stay on the farm?” Aunt Orange asked.

“Yeah! And Applejack, Big Mac, and me could stay in Manehattan.”

“I suppose a weekend on the farm wouldn’t hurt,” said Uncle Orange.

“And Ah reckon it’ll be a good opportunity to learn about other lifestyles and what makes ponies tick,” said Applejack.

Apple Bloom turned to her big brother, “Whudda ya say, Big Mac? Are you in?”

Big Mac nodded. “Eeyup!”

When the sun had set on the Apple family reunion, everypony went their separate ways. Aunt and Uncle Orange returned to Manehattan where they packed their bags before settling down for the weekend at Sweet Apple Acres. With their bags ready, Applejack, Apple Bloom, and Big Mac set out yonder for Manehattan.



“Wake up, you sleepy heads,” Granny Smith’s voice came through the bedroom door. “Breakfast is on the table. Ya best come down an’ eat before it gets cold.”

“Ugh, what time is it?” Aunt Orange groaned, half asleep.

Uncle Orange, eyes half open, wearily looked at the clock on the bedside table. “It’s five o’clock,” he answered monotonously.

“Dear Celestia. Does such an hour even exist?”

Thirty minutes later, Aunt and Uncle Orange came down for breakfast. Their manes were ruffled, dark circles were formed around their sleepy eyes, and neither was prepared to start the day so early.

“Good morning, Oranges!” Granny Smith greeted with pep. “Ah was beginnin’ tuh think you two weren’t ever gonna show. Now eat up. We’re burnin’ daylight. Those chores ain’t gonna do themselves. The water needs fetchin’, the cows need milkin’, the trees need buckin’. I done made up a list fer y’all. Let’s head’em up and move’em out!”

In Manehattan, Applejack, Apple Bloom, and Big Mac lay wide awake in the luxurious four-poster bed.

“Hey, Applejack, you awake?” Apple Bloom asked in a hushed voice.

“Yeah, Ah’m awake,” Applejack whispered in reply. “Big Mac, you awake?”


The clock on the wall read 5:35 a.m. The day had already begun, so how was it that there was nothing to do? How was it that everypony was sound asleep?

“Aw, this is so boring,” Apple Bloom repined. “I wanna do sumthin’.”

“There’s nuthin’ we can do,” said Applejack. “Aunt and Uncle Orange don’t go to work ‘til ten o’clock.”

Restless and eager to get the day started, Apple Bloom buried her face in her pillow.


The Oranges went out to begin their chores. Aunt Orange wore a sundress and hat while Uncle Orange dressed in a polo shirt.

“Eh, dontcha think y’all are a bit overdressed?” asked Granny Smith.

“Sorry, Granny Smith,” began Uncle Orange. “These are the only clothes we’ve brought. We haven’t any, er, farm duds.”

“Well, not to worry. We’ve got some extra overalls fer ya.”

The Oranges did their best to finish their chores. Granny Smith made it all look so easy. A time or two, she had to nudge them awake. Farm work isn’t all fun and games, and the Oranges were certainly figuring that out.

Life wasn’t such a picnic either for Big Mac, Applejack, and Apple Bloom in Manehattan. They ate breakfast and commenced to organize paperwork, file documents, and respond to letters from their aunt and uncle’s clients.

“How’re y’all holdin’ up?” Applejack asked.

“Sortin’ paper might seem more fun if Ah was still tryin’ to get my cutie mark,” said Apple Bloom. “Either way, Ah’m still happy to be helpin’ Aunt and Uncle Orange out.”

Big Mac smiled and shrugged his shoulders. This wasn’t his first choice of work either, but he, too, was happy to help.


Back at Sweet Apple Acres, Granny Smith rang a triangle.

“Come ‘n get it!” she called.

Aunt and Uncle Orange found that Granny Smith had rustled them up some grub and prepared the picnic table.

“Ooh! My, this all looks delicious,” Aunt Orange admired Granny Smith’s cooking.

“Ah’ve got yer salad, cornbread ‘n taters, beans ‘n biscuits, cool water, iced tea, pot pie, peas ‘n carrots, a variety of grits, grains, and oats, and for dessert, some good ol’ Apple family apple pie! Now eat up, you two.”

The Oranges sat down with Granny Smith to enjoy her well-cooked chuck.

In Manehattan, the Apples sat around the dining room table for their lunch.

“Boy, Ah’m starvin’!” exclaimed Apple Bloom. “Ah cain’t wait tuh dig in!”

“Now hold on there a second,” Applejack began. “This ain’t Sweet Apple Acres. The food here’s prepared differently.”

The waiter placed before them their dishes. Apple Bloom could hardly wait to eat!

Removing the cloches, the waiter exclaimed, “Voilà! An elegant Morchella salad sprinkled with artisan cheese and the finest of dressings drizzled on top made to perfection by Le Chef Gourmet. Bon appétit!”

The Apples didn’t exactly dig in. Afterward, the waiter brought dessert in the form of a gelatin creampie. As far as Apple Bloom, Big Mac, and Applejack were concerned, dessert was much tastier!


That night, Aunt and Uncle Orange settled in for the night and got ready for bed.

“Boy, did I get a workout,” said Uncle Orange, lying in bed. “My hooves will be sore for weeks!”

“I’ve never worked so hard in my entire life,” said Aunt Orange as she climbed into bed. “Never have I ever broken a sweat.”

“I must say you were quite remarkable today. I’ve never seen anypony shuck corn as quickly as you!”

“You’d be shucking corn just as quickly when you’ve got the whole brood of chickens pecking at your hooves.”

Uncle Orange chuckled just thinking about it. Aunt Orange couldn’t help but smile, too.

“And you,” Aunt Orange started.

“And me?”

“You called that bucking apples?”

“Well, for never having done so, I say it was a valiant effort.”

“But you missed the tree completely!” laughed Aunt Orange.

“Only the first time. The second time, I really proved my merit.”

“Okay, Mr. Apple-Bucker.” Aunt Orange yawned. “Let’s get some sleep.”

Uncle Orange turned out the lights, and before they knew it, they were fast asleep.

In Manehattan, Big Mac, Applejack, and Apple Bloom were also getting ready to bed down.

“You know, today really wasn’t so bad,” said Apple Bloom. “City life jus’ needs some gittin’ used to is all.”

“You’re right about that,” Applejack agreed. “Ah’m sure Aunt and Uncle Orange feel the same way about the country life.”

“Ah know we’ll be goin’ back home tomorrow, but part of me would kinda miss livin’ here.” She yawned. “Well, good night, Applejack. Good night, Big Mac.”

“Good night, Apple Bloom. Good night, Big Mac.”

“Good night, Apple Bloom,” said Big Mac. “Good night, Applejack.”


The next morning, the Apples took the Friendship Express back home. It felt mighty fine to breathe in that country air.

Applejack took a deep breath. “Here we are! Home sweet home.”

Granny Smith, Aunt Orange, and Uncle Orange awaited their arrival.

“There you are!” Granny Smith welcomed. “How was Manehattan?”

“Not bad,” replied Applejack.

“And you, Apple Bloom, did you learn a lot about other walks of life?”

“Ah sure did, Granny Smith!” Apple Bloom exclaimed. “Livin’ in Manehattan has given me a deeper respect for how Aunt and Uncle Orange live.”

“I must agree with you, Apple Bloom,” said Aunt Orange. “Working on the farm has certainly been an education.”

“I learned how to buck apples,” Uncle Orange commented.

“Your cousin Valencia would be proud,” said Granny Smith.

“Cousin Valencia?” Applejack questioned.

“Valencia Orange runs Tangy Orange Orchards in upstate Manehattan,” Granny Smith explained.

“Why don’t we pay her a visit?” suggested Uncle Orange.

“Why I’d sure like that,” said Aunt Orange.

The Oranges said their goodbye’s and set out for their home in the big city. Shortly after, the Apples were visited by Filthy Rich.

“Pardon me,” he began. “Ah don’t mean to intrude, but Ah seem tuh have gotten our zap apple paperwork mixed up. Might you be so kind as to help me sort things out and clear this confusion?”

With her newly acquired filing skills, Apple Bloom jumped at the opportunity, “Ah can help ya, Mr. Rich!”


Dear Princess Celestia,

I learned that although everypony has their own lifestyles, you’ll never know what it’s like until you walk a mile in their horseshoes. Now the city life may not be my kind of living, but doing paperwork has in fact helped me around the farm! I could help Mr. Rich when he needed it. If you really think about it, it’s no different than trying to find your special talent, and I should know! When you find it, or a lifestyle that suits you best, who says you have to stop there? Life’s no fun if you don’t try new things.

Apple Bloom


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