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MLP FAN FICTION: Rarity and the Fabulous Frontier

Everypony in Equestria has been talking about Saddle Song, the stallion from Dodge Junction who has quickly risen to stardom in Applewood. They flock to record stores to buy his records, they tune into Yippie-Yi Yokel’s FIM Radio show to hear him sing his latest hits, and they line up outside movie palaces and picture houses to see him in his first starring film appropriately titled The Singing Cowpony.

At Sweet Apple Acres, the Apple family gathered around their tabletop radio to listen to Saddle Song croon: “Come and sit by my side if you love me./Do not hasten to bit me adieu./Just remember the Red River Valley/And the stallion who loved you so true.”

“Ah jus’ love listenin’ to Saddle Song,” said Apple Bloom.

“He’s got a mighty fine voice,” noted Applejack.

“Eeyup,” agreed Big Mac.

“Reminds me of them old songs us pioneer ponies used tuh sing before we settled down here,” reminisced Granny Smith.

It wouldn’t be long before Saddle Song played at the Equestria Rodeo Competition in Canterlot of which Applejack was a contestant.

In Ponyville, Filthy Rich had also caught the Singing Cowpony fever and began selling Saddle Song merchandise like foals’ lunchboxes and tastey cowpony cookies.

Over at Carousel Boutique, Rarity has been hard at work trying to come up with a new design, but hasn’t had much luck. Everything she has come up with just doesn’t seem to work.

“Oh, what am I to do?” Rarity asked herself. “Nothing I come up with is right. They don’t say ‘perfection.’ This one is too drab. This one is too plain. This is so five moons ago. Oh, what is a mare to do?”

Sweetie Belle came to check on her big sister, who had been working for hours on end matching colors, cutting patterns, stitching and mending, all to no avail. “Rarity?”

“Is there such thing as designer’s block?” Rarity questioned. “Because I think I’ve got it.”

“Rarity, I don’t like seeing you this way,” said Sweetie Belle. “Why don’t we go for a walk? You’ve been in here for so long. Some fresh air is sure to do you good.”

“Sweetie Belle, darling, a walk isn’t going to work. Just leave me here to wallow in my despair.”

The sun was about to shine on Rarity’s cloudy day when she heard a customer walk in. She quickly composed herself and went to assist them with their fashion needs.

“Welcome to Carousel Boutique, darling!” Rarity greeted. “How may I help you?”

The mare replied, “Do you have any buckskin skirts with frontier fringes?”

It was a style of which Rarity had never been asked. “Oh, I’m terribly sorry, but I’m afraid I don’t have any.”

The mare frowned in disappointment.

“But not to worry,” Rarity continued. “If it’s a buckskin skirt with frontier fringes you want, than that is what you shall get.”

“You’re a doll!” the mare said with joy. “Thank you so much.”

“You’re quite welcome,” Rarity replied, taking the mare’s measurements.

In no time, the mare returned to pick up her skirt and found that Rarity had designed for her a full ensemble.

“I hope you don’t mind,” began Rarity, “but once I finished your skirt, I couldn’t help but design a complete outfit for you.”

“Why, it’s marvelous!” exclaimed the mare. “I absolutely love it!” She took out her coin purse. “Here’s what I ow you for the shirt. What do I owe you for the shirt and hat?”

Rarity replied, “No extra charge, darling.”

“Are you sure? You did more work than you needed to.”

“I am absolutely, 100-percent sure.”

The mare complimented Rarity for her generosity. She tried on her new attire and proudly went about her way.

Later that day, a mare and a stallion came by Carousel Boutique.

“Hello,” Rarity greeted them. “How may I help you?”

“We’d be thrilled if you could make for us your best cowpony duds,” said the stallion.

“We just saw a mare wearing the most extraordinary cowpony getup,” said the mare. “She told us you made it for her.”

“Well, you’ve come to the right place,” said Rarity. “What sort of, uh, ‘getup’ are you looking for?”

The stallion responded, “Something rootin’ tootin’, but not too highfalutin.”

Rarity took notes. “‘Not too highfalutin.’” She turned to the mare, “And what may I design for you, miss?”

“I’d like a nice leather vest,” replied the mare, “and a big ten-gallon hat to boot.”

“‘…Ten-gallon hat to boot,’” Rarity noted. She set her quill down and levitated her tape measure. “I’ll need to take a few measurements and I’ll get to work on your wardrobe.”


As Rarity worked on her new designs, Sweetie Belle came in and observed what she had finished on the dress forms. “Ooh! You’re working on more cowpony clothes?”

“Indeed, I am, Sweetie Belle,” replied Rarity. “I’ve had several orders this week. It seems to be all the rage.”

“Of course! Everypony wants to be a cowpony like Saddle Song. Rarity, you should start a line of frontier fashion.”

Rarity’s eyes lit up. “Frontier fashion? Sweetie Belle, what a fabulous idea.” She gasped with delight. “The Fabulous Frontier! That’s what it will be called. Sweetie Belle, darling, you’re a genius!”

Struck with inspiration, Rarity hastened to jot down her ideas and sketch out her designs. Soon, her new Fabulous Frontier line was ready to be unveiled!

Everypony gathered at Carousel Boutique to see Rarity’s latest fashion. Among the attendees were Hoity Toity and Photo Finish.

“I, Photo Finish, have arrived,” the fashion photographer announced.

“Good evening, everypony, and welcometo Carousel Boutique!” Rarity proudly greeted. “Tonight, I shall present my new line of cowpony couture: The Fabulous Frontier!”

Big Mac stepped forward.

Rarity spoke, “Big Mac is wearing a white gunfighter shirt with black yoke and cuffs adorned with rhinestones and sequins. The look is not complete without a bolo tie and black outlaw hat.”

Applejack followed behind Big Mac and Rarity spoke again, “Applejack is wearing a red dress shirt with beige fringes, a dark brown scarf tie, and matching cowpony hat. And we mustn’t forget the accessories: a sleek leather belt and stylish lasso.”

Next, Rainbow Dash stepped up.

Said Rarity, “Rainbow Dash is wearing a rough and rugged rustic ensemble consisting of a jean shirt, leather vest, and accessorizing with a fabulous bandana. If the rodeo is about rustling style, she’s certainly got the gold.”

Everypony marveled at Rarity’s new styles. As usual, she did not fail to disappoint.

“My, Rarity,” said Hoity Toity, “I must say you’ve outdone yourself yet again. I feel compelled to show these off in Canterlot. What do you say?”

“That would be marvelous!” Rarity exclaimed.

The next day, Hoity Toity and Rarity were in Canterlot to present the Fabulous Frontier. It so happened that Saddle Song and his best friend and sidekick, Donkey Gray, were vacationing there after having previously performed at the Equestria Rodeo Competition. Word of rustic regalia caught their attention and they moseyed over to the show to take a gander at the Fabulous Frontier finery.

“Tarnation! Would you lookee here,” Gray admired.

The Singing Cowpony approached the designer. “Are you Rarity, miss?”

“I am,” she replied.

“It’s a pleasure meetin’ you. I’m Saddle Song and this is Gray.”

Gray tipped his hat. “Howdy do, ma’am?”

Saddle Song continued, “We heard about your new frontier fashion, and bein’ frontier folk ourselves, reckoned we might mosey over for a gander.”

“By all means gander away,” Rarity said with delight.

“I’m takin’ a shine tuh this,” said Gray holding up a white and green shirt with yellow fringes.

Saddle Song found himself a red and blue shirt. “Say, we could wear these in our shows.”

“Miss Rarity,” started Gray, “we’ll take’em!”

Saddle Song and Gray sported their new tailor-made outfits in their performances and while shooting their next film, The Lullaby Trail. And how! everypony caught the Singing Cowpony fever. For her next show, Sapphire Shores placed an order for a frontier design. Even the Pony Tones sang covers of Saddle Song’s hits and were invited to sing with the Singing Cowpony himself on Yippie-Yi Yokel’s radio show where they each took a verse of his “Down the Trail I Go.”

When all was said and done, Rarity sat and took a deep breath. “Phew! I don’t think I’ve ever been so busy. One thing certainly led to another, and through it all, I’ve had a wonderful time, and I’ve got you, Sweetie Belle, to thank.”

“Me?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“Well of course, darling. If you hadn’t suggested making a line of frontier clothing, none of this would have been possible, and I can’t thank you enough. I was struggling with designer’s block and you helped me out of that dreadful predicament.”

“It’s nothing really. I just didn’t want to see you struggling to find your inspiration.”

You’remy inspiration, Sweetie Belle. Saddle Song and Gray told me about the Dodge Junction Days Festival. To show my thanks and appreciation, I want us to go together. I’ve even made us matching outfits.”

Sweetie Belle’s eyes lit up. “Oh, wow! Thank you, Rarity! You’re the best big sister ever!”

Rarity and Sweetie Belle lit a shuck for Dodge Junction with style and flair. They had themselves a hoof-scootin’ good time playing games, listening to stories and songs from Troubadour the town balladeer, and dancing at the hoe down.

Cherry Jubilee had suggested that Rarity sell her designs at the local mercantile and was taken up on her offer. It was soon noted across Equestria that “The West will always be wild and the Frontier will always be fabulous.”

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