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MLP Executive Producer Meghan McCarthy to rule over Hasbro Division

Meghan+McCarthy+2013+Los+Angeles+Film+Festival+tLZ4-0_1KpulMeghan McCarthy, a name that most ponies are familiar with when it comes to our favorite show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is going from Executive Producer over the series to Head of Storytelling for Hasbro’s Girl brands.   McCarthy will start to work immediately on other Hasbro mainstays as Little Pet Show, as well as the Pony spin-off, Equestria Girls.

From Stephen Davis, EVP, Chief Content Officer at Hasbro:

Having worked closely with Meghan during the past four years and seen first-hand what an adept storyteller she is – clearly one of the best in our business – words cannot express how thrilled we are that she will be joining our organization,” said Davis. “To be able to benefit from Meghan’s ability to create expansive worlds and characters across our entire portfolio of brands is an incredible opportunity for the Company. Storytelling is at the center of our brand blueprint and Meghan will help us continue to advance our strategy of building deep connections and relationships with our consumers and audiences globally through rich content in all forms and formats – across digital, television, animated and live action films.”

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