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Need Help Making Your Holiday Treats? The MLP Baking Book Can Help

Are you lost in the kitchen around the holiday time? Do you have issues making your holiday sweet treats? Well, maybe it’s time you consulted the Mane 6 for help.

Written by Christi Johnstone, a professional baker, and writer, the My Little Pony Baking Book at 144-pages, features a bevy of fun recipes for cakes, cupcakes, pies, cookies, but also, bread, breakfast treats, pizza, and other savory surprises in beautiful color.

Although written by Johnstone, your guide through the MLP sweet treat cookbook is none other than Pinkie Pie; she’ll be along to give readers a “tour” of the MLP Bakery where they can dive into the Sugar Cube Corner Bakery where Pinkie works with Mr. and Mrs. Cake — two pony bakers who create the tastiest sweet treats of Equestria.

Not only does the MLP Baking Book plan to share with you a fun mix of baking recipes, it will also show those who wish to engage, “why baking is great, how it makes people happy, feeds them, expresses love, and more.”

Featuring 50-recipes, all of them are easy-to-make. And the best part? All of the recipes in the MLP Baking Book were designed so that there is only a minimum of help needed from parents or caregivers who wish to have their children engage in kitchen activities on a rainy day.

Available in April of 2019, the MLP Baking Book will retail for $15.99. You can pre-order on Amazon here.

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