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Missed Getting a Derpy Build-a-Bear? Well, Hurry Because They’re Back!

22699LRDid you miss the opportunity last year to get yourself a Derpy Muffins Build-a-Bear before they sold out?  Well, good news.   They’re back!  That’s right, the online exclusive Derpy Build-a-Bear is back on the official B-a-B website.    The 15 inch My Little Pony Muffins figure is a grey pegasus pony with flowing yellow hair.   The best part about getting the Derpy Build-a-Bear is that you can personalize it!   That’s right, now you can add clothing and accessories to this Derpy Build-A-Bear.   

In the past anytime Build-A-Bear has put out a Pony figure on its website or through its brick and mortar stores they’ve sold out like hotcakes.   So, don’t delay in getting this Derpy Muffins.  If you missed your chance the first time around, and miss your chance in this second go-round, well, there likely won’t be a third opportunity so time is of the essence here.

You can order the 15 inch My Little Pony Derpy Muffins Build-a-Bear here.

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