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Massive MLP Balloon Nightmare Moon and More!


Some of you may have heard of the one and only NoOrdinaryBalloonMan, but if you haven’t already then it’s about time you find out.

We have all had, or at least seen, balloon animals when we were kids. Whether it was at the fair, a carnival, or at a friends birthday, party balloon animals were pretty fascinating. This was mainly because it’s a balloon , we’re used to a loud pop if its twisted or manipulated in any way so seeing a balloon twisted up and tied together is something for a child to be fascinated with.

But the thing that makes NoOrdinaryBalloonMan’s creations stand out is the amount of detail that is placed into his rubber masterpieces. He has created a massive balloon Nightmare Moon along with other cute and adorable balloon ponies.

This Nightmare Night stands tall, around or just under the average height of a human and with the greatness we all know and love about our favorite nighttime villain.

The others may not be as big as his Nightmare Moon, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t take dedication and effort to create. His creations do not stop there, he has many more balloon ponies on his Deviant Art page alongside his other marvelous rubber creations. So don’t forget to take a peek at his many, many, many balloon creations for they are the true definition of dedication.

You can view his Deviant Art page here.

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