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Live Action Equestria Girls? We Here At Love It!

A new music video was released last week for “The Magic Of Friendship,” a fun and catchy number that you can dance to that is being used as a anthem of sorts for My Little Pony: Equestria Girls.     In the video, the live action Mane 6 girls portray the characters of Equestria and they come to life in a school cafeteria and they start to boogie down.   The girls will teach you the “EG Stomp”, which is a fun and wonderfully simple little dance that features your hands and feet at home.  No hooves needed.    Don’t forget!  Equestria Girls makes it premiere on TV on Sunday, September 1st, 2013 at 12 noon EST time.   The full-length Equestria Girls film became available on DVD earlier this week.  

Now The Video:

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  1. Avatar
    Evan Klug
    September 5, 2013 at 7:53 pm

    -_-_-_-INCOMING RANT-_-_-_-

    This makes me feel genuinely embarrassed that Hasbro still thinks that their demographic is young girls. Hasbro, come on man. You guys should know this by now…Take this quote and drill it into your mind: YOUR DEMOGRAPHIC IS TEEN GUYS TO MEN. MAKE YOUR SHOWS AS SUCH.” As incredibly Brony as I am, this movie was really bad. I think a lot of bronies can agree with me. The idea was so bad it seemed like they just copy-pasted a casual clop fanfiction and made it a script. And the writing doesn’t tell any difference. I high school drama just does NOT seem the way to go to make their first movie about the show we all know and love. It’s just laughable. When I watched the movie once it was released on the bay, I watched the whole thing, thinking it wasn’t as bad as I was making it out to be. But I was watching it at about midnight, and my brain was just dead as crap and I needed to go to bed. The next day I got up and watched it again and it was bizzare how mind-bendingly awful this movie was. Sunset Shimmer was the exact same thing as putting Diamond Tiara in high school and just making a movie out of it. Also, Sunset being “high-school” area of mean doesn’t exactly seem very offensive. She was only being mean for the absolute hell of it. Hasbro was so desperate for a plot they didn’t even bother to think up an idea, they just slapped some high school bitch into it. And then what did they do? They made her turn into fucking Satan. I mean good lord, it is quite literally THE DEVIL. I MEAN COME ON. LOOK AT THIS: To make up for the dissapointing antagonist idea, I would’ve thought Hasbro would redeem themselves with a cool ending. Nope. It was the same thing they did in EVERY two-part episode since season 1: The power of friendship of the elements of harmony rainbow. Original? I think not. Once that happened, Sunset immediately regrets her ways and just apologizes. Many tears were shed. Not my tears, I was too busy scoffing in pity. I mean Sunset. Think about how rushed this movie feels. Nightmare Moon took a thousand years to leave her evil ways behind. Discord, almost half a season. And Sunset just gives up IMMEDIATELY. That just feels so wrong.

    Listen. I know My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is a show originally intended as a family show. That is very well understood, because Lauren Faust is very talented at that sort of thing. That is the reason we all love this show. But my real question is, where the hell was Lauren when this movie was being made? They dropped from the “Family” demographic to the “5-6 year olds” demographic rather quickly.

    My 9 year old cousin is a Pegasister. We both watch all the new episodes as soon as they come out. We love to share our opinions of every episode. But she LOVED EQ Girls. I mean hands-down loved it. I didn’t. Makes sense now, right?

    Sorry you had to read all that. That is my truly honest opinion. I hope you know that I am not trolling, this is just the way I feel. Thanks for understanding a fellow brony.