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My Little Pony Magazine To Give Baby Flurry Heart Figure Out in Early 2017

my-little-pony-uk-magazineNote:  We’re a little unclear as to if the French version of the MLP Magazine or the UK version will feature the figure, or both.

As good as the news is that the My Little Pony magazine will be featuring another figure in early 2017 (potentially issue #66 or #67), the question remains:  why isn’t the My Little Pony more easily available in the United States and Canada?

The word on the interwebs is that the magazines will be putting our figures by Egmont all throughout 2017 with various issues that go to press.    And most likely, the first figure that will be accompanying the magazine will be a  Baby Flurry Heart figure.

Let’s cross our figures that everyone who’s anyone who wants the figure and the latest issues will be able to order them online without much problem.

Order the Magazine here.

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