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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #45 Hits Stores

MLP45-coverRIYes, Number #45 is now available via Digital Download on ComiXology, iTunes, IDW’s Digital Store, as well as through Amazon’s Kindle store, and the Google Play store.

Issue #45 is a continuation of “Ponies of Dark Water.”  Here, in Part 3, Chaos reigns over Ponyville as normal ponies across town turn evil!  It’ll be up to Spike and the Cutie Mark Crusaders, with the help of an unexpected ally, to save the day!

Of course, the usual variant covers and exclusives apply with #45.   This issue has regular cover art drawn by Tony Fleecs, and the subscription issue’s art was done by Sara Richard.

Thom Zahler has provided the 1 in 10 retailer incentive cover, and has written this issue as well.   And, of course, no MLP comic would be the same with the one and only Heather Breckel’s wonderful colors.  

Get the digital version of #45 HERE now.

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