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It’s Official: McDonalds Bringing Back The Ponies This February


We like every other My Little Pony website, last month, posted about the rumored-return of My Little Pony figures to the ever popular Happy Meal.  Well, has confirmed such and also given us a closer look as to exactly what will be made available in just a week or two at your local McDonalds.

In select HappyMeals, everypony will be able to get new figures of Suri Polomare, Coco Pommel, and Starlight Glimmer as well as a fun hodgepodge of Pony accessories as well.   Additionally, it looks like you’ll also be able to “scan your pony” and unlock some fun My Little Pony games on your mobile device.    Oh, how the times-they-are-a-changin‘….

More information here on the Happy Meal website

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