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Is MLP:FILM Leaving Netflix This Month or Not?

Okay, it might be a good idea to go ahead and panic. Get out our breathing inhalers, fan yourself or even take a deep breath — My Little Pony is leaving Netflix.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Seasons 1 through 7 may be leaving the streaming service Netflix come the August 31st.


Well, originally it had been rumored that the show would actually be leaving Netflix to come August 16th, however, word is, that now it’s not going anywhere until August 31st.

But, then again, even though Netflix is reporting that the show will be leaving it service come late-August, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it actually will.

In situations like these, when a provider suggests that a show is leaving its streaming network, it has meant that the owners of the show have not renewed their distribution deal with the service. So, this might be a situation of Hasbro not┬áhaving yet finalized its deal with Netflix to continue on. With that mentioned, it does appear, based on listings for other Hasbro shows on the streaming service, like Jem and the Holograms, that the entire Hasbro canon might be leaving the streaming service come late-August — we’ll have to see.

Back in 2015, this happened. Everyone freaked out and then the next day, the shows were back on Netflix and it was all forgotten. So, maybe that might happen again as a response to the current situation; or not, perhaps, Hasbro has something big in the works and we’ll all be richer in the long run.

Hasbro has had a long history with Netflix. They’ve been working with the streaming service since 2012, if not earlier. So, it seems extremely unlikely that they’ll just pull all of their shows from the service unless something major has changed, or they’ve decided to try something else to build their fan base. I guess, we’ll see come August 31st.

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