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Is anyone actually finding the MLP McDonalds Toys this time around?


Well, this is sort of weird, because we here at thought that the Pony Toys had already come back and gone at McDonalds, but on a couple different websites–it’s being reported that the Pony Toys are, in fact, soon coming back to the Golden Arches.

On the McDonald’s website we’ve spotted a nice picture of all of the Pony and Equestria Girls Toys that may be coming back shortly.

Yet, there doesn’t seem to be any solid information on the site pertaining to exactly when the Pony Toys will be making their return.

So, we put it in the hands of the people!   Does anyone know anything about this?   Has anyone spotted the return of the Toys at their local franchise?

Post it right here below!

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    Brony's for life
    April 26, 2015 at 11:39 am

    I have seen them. I’ve seen ’em at Alabama.