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IDW Officially Releases ‘My Little Pony: Art Is Magic’ Book

Italian Translation Volume 3 CVRIf you own some My Little Pony comics, or you keep track of the issues being released, you more than likely know who IDW is. IDW brings us the majority of all the MLP comics out there that are officially printed and sold. IDW takes on on adventures with the ponies we love, giving us some entertainment between episodes, or in this case, seasons.
As most of you know, IDW released their My Little Pony holiday special comic yesterday on December 7th, but they also released another comic that wasn’t as talked about. IDW also released their ‘Art is Magic’ book, containing tons of MLP comic artwork, original sketches and artist background info. The book is available as a 148-page thick paperback at Amazon, Target and various book and comic stores.
This book will really give us all a good look at the working of the show and what created the episodes we enjoy today. Here’s the description given on the book:
“Celebrate the charming and diverse artwork of IDW’s My Little Pony comic book series in this special art book! Read along as fan-favorite artists Amy Mebberson, Sara Richard, Tony Fleecs, Andy Price, Brenda Hickey, and Agnes Garbowska showcase a selection of their most cherished pieces, provide insight into their process, and share the identities of their favorite ponies! Fans of My Little Pony or the comic arts alike are sure to awe at this bright and inspired collection.”
So while you go to pick up your copy of the My Little Pony Holiday Special comic, get yourself a copy of the ‘Art is Magic’ book, available now!
You can purchase your copy here.
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