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Hurrah For More MLP Books Coming in 2016

022aeff633d8d253a392586a58536b34The stream of books coming out via Hasbro and Little, Brown seems to be a endless one.   Over on the Hachette Books website, there are three books that are coming out in 2016 that we are very excited about.

The First:    My Little Pony:  The Friendship Chronicles

Slated for release in April of 2016, the book will present “three stories in one, this is every pony’s dream!  Join Twilight Sparkle as she sets off on a quest for a magic spell that will help her follow her heart.  Get into party mode with Pinkie Pie at Ponypalooza!  And dare to adventure as Rainbow Dash decides to prove once and for all that she is Daring Do’s ultimate fan!”   The book is only credited to “Hasbro” as the author.
The Second:   My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Journal

Slated for release on June 6th, 2016 and written by Natashe Levinger and Heather Nuhfer, the publisher has not issued a synopsis yet for this title.  

The Third:   My Little Pony: Untitled Starlight Glimmer

Written, naturally, by G.M. Berrow and slated for release in August 2016,  the publisher, sadly, had not even issues a synopsis for this title yet either.   

Fore information on these please visit the Hachette Books website here.

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