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How Having An OC In This MLP Fandom Can Change Your Life

Mythic Aura here…

With this being my first blog post here at, I thought I would just take some time to talk about something that is very close to my heart in our My Litle Pony fandom. And that’s OCs (Original Characters). OCs are a way in which anyone in the fandom can express themselves in the pony-verse in a safe, magical way. Having an OC means that you can be anything that you want to be, you can be anything that reflects who you want to be. For example, My OC is a lilac unicorn with a silvery, gray mane and tail. With your own OC, you can also make your own Cutie Mark as well; it can be based on something from inside your dreams at night or be something that represents you or your real-life hobbies. As another example: I am a veterinarian nurse and a real, animal lover so my cutie mark is a rainbow heart with a black paw print in the middle.

The best part about creating your very own OC? Your OC can be male or female, or neither. Or it can be anything that you might want it to be, whether that’s a pony, or even a Kirin, Gryphon, Draconequus or even your very own species hybrid. An OC can be used for many things online. You can use it in all facets of the fandom; you can submit your MLP fanart with it, publish MLP Fan Fiction, engage in role-playing, etc. Having an OC is a way to represent yourself in the fandom without putting your face out there and private info. Using an OC is a good way to stay safe, but it also allows you to be yourself with your fellow bronies. Even the Make-A-Wish Foundation has worked with Hasbro to put some young peoples’ OCs in episodes of the show, granting them their dreams.

Currently, I myself, have 23 OCs and I know that some bronies and pegasisters have 100s of OCs. Some people might only have one or two, and where there are some that may just have one main OC that represents their “ponysona,” or their persona in the pony-verse, having one is better than none.

There are some amazingly-talented artists out there creating OCs. In fact, there are artists making a living out there at creating them. For example: “Lopoddity” on DeviantArt, not only makes her own OCs, she has created a whole, complete universe for them based on the next generation of characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic; the time that she puts into creating the detailed characters inside of her OC world, creating the whole story of that universe, is totally amazing. She literally has made another dark magical world that is full of real problems, love, and hate, and it’s beautiful. Then there is an artist like “AureliaCharmCutiees” on DeviantArt. She makes a living as her OC alicorn Aurelia; she does amazing, beautiful digital art pieces for people and also speed-paints, showing how its done, even, on her YouTube Channel. There are so many beautiful OCs in the world made by beautiful people, and these not only boost their creative spirits, but they also help them in real life, too. 

My OC “Mythic Aura” changed my life. In fact, this whole fandom changed my life. And it’s all thanks to My Little Pony. It has inspired me to create digital art for free for people who don’t have an OC in the fandom, but really want one as a means to express themselves, but don’t have any idea as to where they should start with regards to creating their character.

This is my story. This is why I think it’s important for all of us to have an OC in the fandom. Now, tell me why YOU think it’s important for all of us to have an OC? What does having an OC mean to you?  I’d truly like to know what you think. I’d love to hear from all of you that might be reading this, as the best way that I know how to learn and grow and become a better friend and brony is through talking to my friends in the fandom.  So, please share your OCs proudly and no matter what anyone says about them, or yourself, just remember that loving your OC and yourself is all that you need in your heart to live the best life possible.

Remember, Friendship is magic.

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