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Hey Show, Pay Attention! Weird Al Wants to Come Back For Season 6 of MLP:FIM

Weird Al My Little Pony Cheese

The folks behind My Little Pony are usually pretty good at paying attention to what Bronies are saying and thinking about the show as it has progressed over the last 5 seasons, but they might be dropping the ball when it comes to “Weird Al” Yankovic.   Bronies were quite taken with Weird Al’s cameo in the 4th season with his cameo role of “Cheese Sandwich,” but he hasn’t been asked back to the show.     I think it is safe to say that Bronies would like him to return in some capacity in Season 6 or perhaps, maybe, in the upcoming feature-length My Little Pony movie.

Even Al is in on it, via Facebook:

Weird Al My Little Pony

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