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Hasbro Teases of Pony Goodies at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con


Are you going to the 2015 San Diego Comic Con this year?    If not, why not?  You’ll likely be missing out on a whole bevy of exclusive My Little Pony goodies via Hasbro.
If you follow the official My Little Pony page on Facebook, then yesterday, perhaps, you saw their little tease with an image of Pinkie Pie:
Their post:

What’s Pinkie Pie thinking about?? Do you think it might have something to do with the exclusive dolls that are premiering at San Diego Comic Con? #SDCC2015 #HasbroSDCC #ComicConismagic
What do you think Hasbro is up to for this year’s San Diego Comic Con?    What types of Pony exclusives do you think they will unveil this year at the show?
Tell us what you think below.

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