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Hasbro Leaks Out First Images of New Pony For Upcoming Season 6


We love it when a new character is introduced into the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fold.   And it’s with that in mind, that Hasbro has leaked out to various media outlets a sneak peak of a clip that contains Baby Flurry Heart from the upcoming Season 6.

As many might have guessed, Baby Flurry Heart is the offspring of Princess Cadance.   

The new, special character is not just special because of her young age–she’s special because while she’ll appear in Season, it’s been announced that Hasbro already has a fun toy figure already to go with an added playset too.  The My Little Pony Explore Crystal Empire playset will be available in a few months in support of the show as we get closer to Season 6 hitting the airwaves.     

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