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Hasbro Launches “My Little Pony: Friendship Club”

image1Have you ever wanted to play around with your favorite characters from “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” and earn points doing it? What about getting a bunch of really cool downloadable awards as well as prizes just for having fun? Thanks to Hasbro, now you can do exactly that!
As we enter the midst of the annual hiatus, Hasbro has released “My Little Pony: Friendship Club” allowing fans to have waste time a variety of ways.
The main overarching theme of the site is the search for “Friendship Points” which track what you’ve done on the site. You can earn points a variety of ways from playing games to completing “treasure hunts” around the site.
Games are obvious. You want to waste some time with flash games of your favorite pony?  The Friendship Club has many options in accomplishing just that.
Plenty of videos populate the site, all of which can get you some friendship points just for watching them.
Members can take part in “Friendship Lessons” which are meant to let readers “learn about all of the qualities that make a perfect friend.” Not only that but they can earn you some cool downloads.
Prizes are what everyone’s waiting for though. Members can enter contests for free and have a chance to win a variety of cool prizes.
Not only all that, but Hasbro is sending out a “Friendship Pack” to those who sign up. Based on the given image is appears to be a envelope full of information on the site, but it honestly is hard to tell.
Definitely check it out here if you’re curious.

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