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Guardians Of Harmony? Well, just the phrase sounds majestic…

Hasbro's My Little Pony Guardians Of Harmony

We have to extend a hearty Thank You out to our friends over at the Pony fansite Equestria Daily for dropping a bomb on us today…

Hasbro has filed a new Trademark for something Pony-related that they are calling “Guardians Of Harmony.”  Yes, that might be the logo above as it was clearly visible on the US Patent and Trademark Office website.  Or maybe it’s just something auto-generated by the US Trademark website.  Who knows, but damn–it’s exciting, regardless.

Hasbro’s application with the US Patent Office, which was filed just over a week ago on June 18th, 2015, specifically denotes the following information:

Toy ponies and accessories for use therewith…”

Hasbro has filed the request for Trademark out of their Rhode Island offices.

So what the Pony is Guardians of Harmony?

Likely, Bronies won’t know until next year at the earliest, unless this is something that they are planning to hint about at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con. That seems unlikely, but not impossible, we suppose… Still, this is some very intriguing information. The mind boggles with excitement..

  Furthermore will it be directly Pony-related? A spin-off series? Who does Hasbro expect us to sleep tonight?      Check out the US Patent website yourself  here.

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