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Get Physical with Pinkie Pie In Hasbro’s Throwback for Thursday

This might be a little something from Hasbro to celebrate Throwback Thursday.

So, in the 1980s Olivia Newton-John was a big deal. Where most people were introduced to her via her performance as “Sandy” in the early 1980 hit-Broadway musical turned movie Grease with John Travolta, she also had a mega-successful music career and also enjoyed some infamy as one of the workout gurus in the era as well. Olivia Newton-John didn’t just star in Grease and Xanadu, but she also made a bunch of incredibly cheesy workout videos. And equally cheesy were the music videos for MTV that she made based around his best-selling record albums of the era.

If there’s one Olivia Newton-John song and music video that everyone who was of the time remembers it’s her 1981 song Physical and music video in support.

In the music video, Olivia can be seen prompting a series of husky 1980s-guys working out in a gym that is seemingly in a dream. The guys go from bulky to sexy beefcake in a blink of an eye and it’s, no doubt, thanks to the inspiration that Olivia Newton-John puts forth when she shows up at the gym in a sexy workout outfit.

Posted on the official Hasbro Youtube channel: Pinkie Pie! Pinkercise with Pinkie Pie features Pinkie whipping the gang into shape.

Here’s what Hasbro has to say about the Pinkie Pie short YouTube movie:

“Get those leg warmers and sweatbands ready because Pinkie Pie is back to lead us through a fun and tasty 80’s-style workout – in a way that only Pinkie Pie can! #LetsTrot and celebrate MLP’s 35th anniversary – or should we say, 35th ponyversary!”

You can watch it here or below:

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