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Funko reveals NYCC exclusive Rainbow Dash Hikari Figures


A while ago, Funko announced the Rainbow Dash Hikari figures that features Rainbow Dash rearing. Not only that, but the figures, which were in notoriously short supply, included an Entertainment Earth exclusive shinier version. Now though, sources say that a really cool exclusive version will be making its way to the New York Comic Con

 The figure features Rainbow Dash in the same pose as the regular Hikari figures, but this will be different in one main way: the color. The Rainbow Dash “Glitter Color Storm Hikari Figure” feature a rainbow gradient coat and Rainbow Dash’s iconic mane with a pretty sheen to it.

Apparently Funko will be selling this figure, along with a large variety of other Comic Con exclusive figures. The Rainbow Dash Hikari figure is sadly the only My Little Pony exclusive that they will be having though.

Set your calendars for the New York Comic Con from October 8th to the 11th, if you want to get a chance to get a hold of one of these. Sadly, just like the original Hikari figures, these will be limited and Funko is only making 600 of them, so if you miss out, be prepared to pay a lot on eBay if you want one.

No price has been announced yet, but the previous versions of the figure were $79.99, so keep that in mind if you’re interested in getting one.


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