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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Monopoly Game

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A while ago, Hasbro’s board games brand, Parker Brothers released a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic version of their popular Monopoly board game. It included six game pieces, allowing fans to direct their favorite of the mane 6 ponies around the board, and had all pony related properties in place of the classic Atlantic City properties in regular Monopoly.

It was pretty neat, and fans really liked it. Now though, with Monopoly Plus, an essential digitization of the classic board game on consoles, it seems Hasbro will try to cash in.

A new add on to Monopoly Plus is a $2.99 skin for the My Little Pony version of the game, and while it does basically what it promises, it’s not without fault.

Players will quickly find that the game only allows one player to pick a pony game piece, and that players selection is limited to Rainbow Dash. Apparently, anybody else who plays has to stick with the default Monopoly game pieces.

Players apparently also can’t bring the game online, as it seems the online games are limited to allow more people to play. If you want to play the MLP board, it means bringing the controllers out and playing on one TV. 

It’s really just a My Little Pony add on for Monopoly fans, and definitely not the other way around, but honestly, it’s not terrible. I’d suggest checking it out if you’re looking for something for your pony buds to do; That is, as long as you can agree on who plays as Rainbow Dash.

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