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Friendship is Magic Holiday Special Comic Coming Soon

image1As many of you know, “Friendship is Magic” avoids “Christmas” in favor of its own, in-universe holiday, “Hearth’s Warming Eve”. That’s why IDW, makers of the Friendship is Magic comic books, have put together a “Holiday Special” for their loyal fans. 
Now, as a whole, Hearth’s Warming Eve   is essentially celebrated the same way as Christmas is nowadays, just without the same religious implications. It’s basically modern Christmas. Ponies gather together with family and friends and celebrate by exchanging gifts no having fun.   
Anyways, the point is that the Holiday special comic is here, and despite being a “holiday” special (a term usually used to not show preference over any of the many holidays celebrated at the winter solstice) it seems to be very similar to Christmas specials of the past. The cover even parodies “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” with spike in place if Chevy Chase (I would totally watch that movie). 
Anyways, without attempting to give anything away, the comic, written by Katie Cook, seems to cover a ponified version of the classic story of Rudolph, the red nosed Reindeer, in which the role of Rudolph is played by Rainbow Dash. 
While comics in general are known to be one really long story from beginning to end, it’s good to hear that this one is a simple one-off to cater to a wider market. 
If it sounds interesting to you at all, I suggest you pick up a copy as soon as it goes out on December 9th, as it is listed to only be $3.99.

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