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Friendship Is Magic Guidebook Gets Release Date

The-elements-of-harmony-brony.comThe official My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic guidebook, “The Elements Of Harmony”, has been scheduled for release on June 4th, 2013 via

Writen by Brandon T. Snider (The Dark Knight Manual, DC Comics Ultimate Character Guide), “The Elements Of Harmony” will include a forward by the one and only Lauren Faust, as well as as an special introduction by Meghan McCarthy and Jayson Thiessen.

The book will contain a full color braided mane of information about MLP: FIM that will include: character bios, an detailed episode guide and a map of Equestria as well as lyrics to all of the songs as heard in the show, a collection of Letters to Princess Celestia, and much more. It’s destined to be a great collector’s piece for fans of the show.

Author and Pony fan Snider has written also for Entertainment Weekly, Time, Forbes and Wired as well as for Comedy Central and the Huffington Post. He’s also written about such characters as Superman, Spider-Man, The Muppets and Annoying Orange.

The book can be pre-ordered now at Amazon HERE.


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