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For $700 Dollars This Rainbow Dash High-Fashion Dress Can Be Yours


These MLP high-fashion contests have seemingly become a part of the Brony world over the last couple years.  If memory serves, it was UK Fashion-Designer Alice Vandy who kick-started this Pony fashion revolution.  Earlier this year we had MLP fashions aimed at men, but have no fear, the ultra-priced high-end My Little Pony fashion has returned.    But this time it’s from fashion designer Fyodor Golan, and let us say–these are probably the most impressive designs to come from any designer to date in the MLP fashion sphere.

For $700.00 bucks this Rainbow Dash quilted top can be yours.     It comes with a striped turtleneck, long-quilted sleeves, and a sheer panel at the front that features this amazing Rainbow Dash print.    Made of 100% Polyester it’s available in a ladies’ sizes 8, 10, and 12 only.

Golan has several other pretty incredible Pony designs available over at Selfridges here.

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