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First Wave 15 My Little Pony Blind Bags Revealed


We all love the excitement of opening a blind bag and seeing which lovable character we receive. But eventually we will need more to be released so we aren’t always opening figures we already own.

Entertainment Earth had just confirmed the release of new blind bag figures. Although it seems they are just re-releasing wave 5 blind bag figures, but with slight alterations and changes. But this is only a select few that have been shown and could contain many more brand new characters to the blind bag series.

For those of you that do not know or aren’t sure what blind bags are, they are small figures that aren’t identified on the packaging, leaving you clueless on the identity until you open it up and take a peek. Not knowing what you have until you see leaves a mystery that makes opening each figure a load of fun and excitement.

The new Wave 15 blind bags will be sold in November. A case containing 24 figures will be sold for $69.99 or you can get a pack of 6 for only $16.99.

MLP Blind Bag Friendship Is Magic Case here.

MLP Blind Bag Friendship Is Magic 6-Pack here.

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