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First-Half of Season 5 Of MLP: FIM Hits Netflix


Good news!  The first-half of Season 5 of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic has just become available via Netflix today.

No, this isn’t a joke!

If for, whatever reason, you’ve missed any episodes of this season thus far:

Per Wikipedia:

This season, which is currently on hiatus until late 2015 finds:  “Twilight continuing her journey of becoming a princess in Equestria with the help of her friends; they discover that her new castle includes a magical map that highlights troubles across Equestria for them to resolve. In the two-part premiere, they come across a town indicated on the map where all of its pony citizens have an equals sign as their cutie mark and odd, creepy smiles.”

Earlier this year rumors were swirling around, those which we here at also reported, regarding Netflix dropping My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic from the streaming service.  Obviously, has hasn’t happened yet with the show on Netflix and it likely won’t happen anytime soon, especially, since the latest season, which is also currently available via pay cable, has just landed on the mega-streaming supersite.

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