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First Fan-Made Episode of My Little Pony Hits Internet

Flamingo Rich

It took Savannah College Of Art & Design senior Zachary Rich (FlamingoRich) over a year of production time, but he has done what  us Bronies here at thought impossible. He has produced, directed and released the first ever full-length fan-made episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.  

 Double Rainboom hit Youtube just four days ago on March 30th, 2013, and as of this article’s release has been seen a staggering 327, 397 times on the streaming mega-site.  

With the aid of his fellow Bronies across the internet and with the help of his schoolmates, Rich was able to not just produce the full length fan episode, but his crew was also able to provide it a wonderfully created full orchestral score, motion picture studio sound effects, and voiced acting for the episodes pony characters.  And its no surprise to us…..The animation is completely one hundred percent show-accurate!  Watch it, and you be the judge.    We happen to think that its completely brilliant.

You can watch Double Rainboom HERE.    Also visit Zachary Rich’s website here to find out about how it was done as well as enjoy a great FAQ and get yourself some lessons in how to make animation.   Check it out HERE:

Did you see Double Rainboom?   Tell us what you think below in the comments section.   

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