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Fan made over Hasbro?

my little pony fan merchandiseWe all love our prized pony figures, toys, and other merch and there are many places to buy them. Hasbro sells toys and merch in many stores and even more online, you can go almost anywhere and leave with an adorable pony in your hands. But Hasbro isn’t the only source of pony merch out there.

Many fans and artists create their own pony merch and sell it online and they can really give Hasbro a run for their money. Fan made merch can be highly detailed plush ponies to hand-made and painted pony figures that seem to almost look alive in a way. But while you may be receiving merch that has much more time and detail put into its making, these fan made merch can really eat at your wallet.

Compared to most Hasbro pony merch, fan made is on average higher mainly due to the fact that Hasbro can assemble and distribute their merch easily and spend less money, but this quick process also takes away the detail. Fan made on the other hand takes time and material and usually isn’t made until you order. This process falls in favor of the maker when they have to sell for more to make a profit.

But this doesn’t stop some bronies from paying extra. Upon asking which they prefer, Hasbro or fan made, @FuzzyIsBae on Twitter replied with:

“I would much rather pay for High Quality fan merchandise, Hasbro items just seem to be too ‘ugly’ in a way, one major thing to point out is the generic Generation 1 models to use for their toys instead of re-energizing the toys to make them as similar to the G4 show as possible, Fan merch may be expensive, but the quality is absolutely outstanding, making me eager to spend the 600 or so dollars for a medium-sized cuddly plush. After all, Hasbro already receives a ton of revenue from the younger side of the fandom (Younger than 10 years old) So it doesn’t impact the company as much if the Fandom focused all their spending money on fan work.”

Do you agree with this statement or do you have your own? Hasbro or fan made?

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