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Equestria LA Offering Fans an Opportunity to have Drinks with Lauren Faust and Other MLP Staff


Are you getting ready for Equestria LA?

 Happening in just a week, from September 4th-6th, Equestria LA offers US west coast fans a chance to meet, have fun, and discuss their favorite pastel colored horses. Hosted in Anaheim, Equestria LA is one of the premiere My Little Pony conventions, attracting awesome speakers like M.A. Larson, John DeLancie, and even Lauren Faust!

 The awesome thing about this convention is that if you are willing to put the money down for A “sponsor” level ticket, a lot of cool things are open for you:


The cocktail party included in the price offers fans a chance like no other. Fans with access will get to meet all the VIP guests to the convention. This includes all that were previously stated and other big names like Tabitha St. Germain, Amy Keating Rogers, and G.M. Berrow.

 Celebrate Labor Day with a bunch of other pony fans and meet some really cool people. Sounds like a great weekend.

 Check out the Equestria LA Twitter page for more details here.

And be sure to visit the Equestria LA website as well here.


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