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Equestria Girls: Friendship Games Gets DVD/Blu-Ray Release October 13th, 2015 side-by-side with special book adaptation

1Well, we here at thought that we’d at least here more about this at this year’s 2015 San Diego Comic Con–so I guess it’s extremely apt that the the film has just been made available for pre-order through

And of course, in case you missed the synopsis the many times we’ve reported it:

When the students of Canterlot High School prepare for the annual “Friendship Games” sports competition against rival school Crystal Prep Academy, they discover that the Twilight Sparkle from their world is on the opposing team.”

The upcoming home video release, which seemingly means, that the film won’t be distributed into theaters this time around will feature:

Deleted Scenes
Audio Commentary
Animated Shorts

You can pre-order My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Friendship Games on Amazon here.

The release will feature a bonus deleted scene of a musical performance, audio commentary, sing-a-longs, and animated shorts.[9] The DVD release will be available to buy in the UK sometime early next year.

In addition, well, actually, the week before Equestria Girls: Friendship Games hits the shelves, a 208-page adaptation will be released in book form on October 6th, 2015.

Written by  Perdita Finn, a upstate-New York based children’s author, the book is rumored to be an adaptation but also:

This chapter book picks up where Sunset Shimmer’s Time to Shine leaves off and ties into the next Equestria Girls movie!

This just goes to show you at Friendship Games likely won’t be the last time we’ll see anything from the Equestria Girls released.    Pretty exciting.

You can pre-order the Predita Finn Equestria Girls: Friendship Games book here.

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