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End of MLP Fighting Game? Wrong.


What do you do when Hasbro shuts down your fan-made project based off of MLP? You take that project and make something else with the bright idea you once thought you had.

Recently, the group Mane6 who are known for their fan-made fighting game, Fighting Is Magic, we’re still not out of the production stages when Hasbro’s legal team gave Mane6 a wag of their finger. This meant the end of their game and the end to all the hype the fans we’re building up. But, even with what seemed to be the end of their hard work Mane6 didn’t just toss their game, they took what they had and just changed it so it doesn’t affiliate with the My Little Pony series.

Mane6 renamed their project to Them’s Fightin’ Herds and continued with determination to release a game. This stand caught the attention and support of the game Skullgirls developer Lab Zero games and even Lauren Faust, the original creative director of the My Little Pony series. Them’s Fightin’ Herds actually uses Lauren Faust’s designs for the characters shown in the screenshot. For what seemed like a doomed project has only resurrected into another project to anticipate.

The group Mane6 released a gameplay sneak peek while also announcing that they will be starting a crowdfund campaign starting September 21st.

It seems that Mane6 dedicated time to release a game, and are determined to release the game, despite the sudden change in the project’s direction.

You can see the gameplay sneak peek Here:

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