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Dear Hasbro: Please Bring the live action Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks Musical to the USA


We’ve seen photos of this for a couple months now circulating the internet, but we still don’t seem to have any hope that it will actually be coming to the USA or Canada.   Written by Hugh Osbourne with choreography by Jamie Neale, this DMS Production and Hasbro International Inc. are proud to present the world premiere of My Little Pony Musicial: Rainbow Rocks, adapted from Hasbro Studio’s hit animated movie.    “This fun-filled show” for ages 2 to 96 will take you on an incredible adventure as everybody’s favorite pony from the magical world of Equestria, Twilight Sparkle, joins forces with her human friends, the girls of Canterlot High School to defeat the forces of evil; while Twilight Sparkle learns, along the way, that friendship is magic!

Here’s the synopsis:

“Shake your tail down to Canterlot High School, and learn how the rainbow rocks! Those funny and fabulous Equestria Girls are getting ready to enter their band, the Rainbooms, in the Canterlot High musical showcase. But there’s trouble brewing: former bad girl Sunset Shimmer just can’t make any friends; while rival girl band, the Dazzlings, are clearly up to something. Why do they want to turn the showcase into a mighty Battle of the Bands? Are the Dazzlings planning something much more sinister? And will Sunset Shimmer ever be forgiven by the other
students at Canterlot High? There’s only one way to find out: join the Equestria Girls as they try to defeat the forces of evil, with the help of Sunset Shimmer and everybody’s favorite pony, Twilight Sparkle! Sure, friendship is magic: but to restore the harmony, the band must battle!”

Right now the show is in Asia.   So, we guess, check back on the site HERE to watch for it to come to the USA or Canada.

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