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Crystal Mountain Pony Con Also To End This Year

Just went you thought it was all over:  If you think that you’ve been tolerating or at least, handling the bad news about the end of Brony Con, with good spirits, another Con has decided to call it quits.  Crystal Mountain Pony Con in the Utah area has also announced that it is calling it quits after their 2018 show.

Originally launched in 2013 in Salt Lake City, the first Crystal Mountain Pony Con had just a couple hundred in attendance along with a dozen vendors, but in the years to follow, had grown quite significantly and saw the likes of guests like M.A. Larson, Andrea Libman, Peter New, and Shannon Chan-Kent along with other Pony day-players, fan musicians etc. in attendance.

“After much discussion amongst our nonprofit board and top staff members, we have agreed CMPC 2018 will be our last year,” David Halliday, Con promoter, reported in a mass email that was sent out on 8/13.

And here are two reasons why Crystal Mountain Pony Con 2018 will the last:

1. The manpower. With Con organizers, most times, donating dozens and dozens of free hours to the cause each year — this year, they have reported that they just don’t have the “horsepower” available to continue on with past volunteers no longer able to “sacrifice time from work, hobbies, health, friends, and family to make CMPC happen.”

2. With BronyCon’s declaration that the fandom is on the decline, the promotors of Crystal Mountain Pony Con have also suggested that the level of “interest and support” for their Con has declined; “Our hope is that by ending our convention this year, we will free up the time and finances of Bronies in our area to support the other conventions in our region.” With West Coast pony conventions still going strong like HRPC, BABScon, and Everfree Northwest, the promotors of Crystal Mountain feel that bronies, now with one less con option, will dedicate their time and money to the others in so that they can “continue to exist” at a “more sustainable level,” therefore, a better con experience for all–the promoters of Crystal Mountain Pony Con are taking one for the team.

However, just as Brony Con has suggested, that their last year, will be the biggest in the history of the event, Crystal Mountain, too, is also suggesting that 2018 will find them going out with a bang and not a whimper.

“Finally, accepting that CMPC 2018 will be our last event allows us to take certain liberties that would otherwise fall flat if we revealed our discontinuation after the fact. Once again, similar to what BronyCon is doing, we are going to make this the biggest event for the most amount of people as possible! If you are a Brony in Utah or the surrounding region, this is your year to take advantage of what we have to offer”

For anyone wishing or hoping to attend the 2018 Crystal Mountain Pony Con this year — the last year — can get a 50% discount off their admission passes for the weekend; they’ve also expanded the time in which attendees can also take advantage of perks that have been forwarded onto attendees by the hotels connected with the Con.

They have decided to slash prices for attendance across the board. At this point, their event is fully funded, and they want to encourage as many patrons to join them in Salt Lake City this year as possible. This past weekend they have decided to cut their registration prices by 50% and expand out the time to buy Con badges with perks, which had been granted to the show by one of their hotels, which means a final discount extension is available. 

As a means in which to make 2018 super special, the promoters of Crystal Mountain are calling for past attendees of the Con to send in their favorite photos, videos and other materials relating to their experiences at the con. The promoters are hoping to put together a memory book that will be available either at the 2018 Con or later on.

The 2018 Crystal Mountain Pony Con runs August 31st – September 1st, 2018

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