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Conan! Why, damn you, why? You just had to make fun of the Ponies…

Urgh!  Conan made fun of the Ponies…

Normally, we try not to bring these types of things to attention, but with this one, we just can’t resist.   Why are the Ponies late-night fodder for the likes of people like Conan O’Brien?   

Ultimately, this reference from one of last week’s shows just goes to prove that once again, the Brony culture is being lambasted.  And for what purpose?    As if, the people that watch Conan’s show are just so high-brow intellectually…    One would think that at this stage of the game, the majority out there, with all the recent Brony documentaries–those being available on Netflix no less–would have given up on the lambasting and realized that Bronies are no different from people that collect comic books or those that obsess over movies  etc..

Geez…  Enough already…    

Or maybe, this joke comes out the extreme tired-feeling of Conan’s show and format?


Watch the damn clip from one of last week’s shows…   Yes, it’s funny!  But at who’s expense?

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