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Company behind My Little Pony Game May Be Shutting Down


Damn the rumor mill…

If you’ve ever downloaded a My Little Pony app or a My Little Pony game via your smartphone or on your home computer, then you’ve likely heard of the company Gameloft before.    Which is why it comes as a surprise today, that the French video game designer is rumored to being shutting down it’s Auckland, New Zealand offices later this year.

Rumors are swirling around the United States and New Zealand video game industries regarding Gameloft’s shut down, and there are additional rumors that suggest that the company is being taken over by mega-giant company Vivendi.    While today, it was reported that Gameloft may be going out of business what does that mean for the future of the My Little Pony game?   Will another company take it over or will it be discontinued?   It’s likely not to go any place anytime soon, but it’s disappointing that a great company like Gameloft may soon no longer be apart of the video game industry.

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