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Maybe there are other Bronies out there in the world that have spent as much on their My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic collection as Ian Taylor, but it is not likely.

According to a article recently published online about Taylor’s My Little Pony collection in the United Kingdom, Taylor has spent over £12,000 on toys and outfits.    Just so you don’t have to do the math:  that’s $18,243 dollars in United State currency.

Taylor recently noted that his admiration of the Ponies didn’t come early on in life.   As a kid he would’ve rather have played with Transformers for example, “But now My Little Pony is my life.”

He first started collecting the Ponies at age 27, and now into early 30’s, he has over 300 figures and his favorite Pony is Twilight Sparkle.   “I love Twilight Sparkle because I can relate to the character.  She teaches that you need to believe in yourself and follow your heart.”

Taylor has attended Brony conventions in the USA, Germany and Finland and enjoys dressing up in his custom-made Pony suit, which he made himself.      

Taylor, like so many Bronies in the community understands the current outlook regarding the Brony culture, yet he takes the time to explain the show to make that confront him about being a Brony, “A lot of the jokes and the humor in the television show are aimed at adults–it has things that parents would get while they were watching with their children, so it’s not just a kids’ show.”

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