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Celebrity Hair Trend: Brony Hair?


We think that it a question worthy of debate?

Do you think that celebrities like Katy Perry and Kelly Osbourne, who have changed their hair colors to bright blue or purple, faster than the seasons change, were inspired to do such by My Little Pony?

Is it “Brony” hair?   Or merely just a case of a girl coloring her hair a bright color?  Certainly, both Perry and Osbourne have colored their hair in the same shade of bright color that we would equate as belonging to the manes of any of our favorite ponies themselves, but is My Little Pony, and their love for it, the reason why they have chosen to do it?

Early this week, another celebrity, who isn’t really a celebrity, but is because of her famous parents–Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall– put up a photo of her new hairdo on Instagram which consisted of a shade of green, pink, purple, and orange.  She captioned her photo with:  “Bronies with mermazing hair colour.”  

Is Brony hair the right name for this?  Rainbow Hair?   Pony hair?   What do you think about this growing fashion trend of brightly-colored hair?    

Tell us what you think in the comments!

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