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Brony Talk with Sarah and Tyler Podcast Hosts

Sarah Zulli Bio
Sarah ZulliSarah Zulli is a long-time fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Her love for the show began in February of 2011 when she was introduced to the magical world of ponies. Sarah’s love for all things magical, colorful, and talking MLP has been going strong ever since. She is most known on Facebook groups and pages for her knowledge on the show as a whole and her extensive My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls collection valued at over $40,000 dollars. Sarah loves traveling to cons and meeting new friends. She is a repeat Diamond Sponsor for BronyCon and has also staffed at several cons in the past. When she is not focused on something pony related, she is usually focused on Tae Kwon Do or on college. Sarah has also dabbled in acting. Placing runner-up at the National Showcase in Los Angeles, she had appeared in independent films and in TV Commercials. Follow Sarah on Twitter @SarahZulli
Tyler Pressley Bio
Tyler Pressley has been a brony since 2012.  As a member of the Brony Community, Tyler’s interest lay in electronic dance music which he produces under the alias TPressleyJ.   Available via his YouTube Channel, he does not produce many tracks in comparison to other musicians, but he always makes sure that the next track is of a higher quality than the previous.  Tyler has been featured on various promotional labels, such as Cider Party and Ponies at Dawn.  Tyler also is an avid fan of sports and as a hobby records video commentaries for hockey games at his second, but older, YouTube Channel, TPressleySports.

Tyler’s interest in producing music came out of his serving as a bassoon player at the community college he attends.  He has been a bassoonist since January 2011 and has not only been a part of several honor bands, he has also played with the 2015 High School Arizona All-State Symphonic Band and the 2017 Texas Community College Band Directors Association (TCCBDA) All-State Symphonic Band.
Currently residing in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas.  He is pursuing degrees presently in broadcast journalism and music.   Follow Tyler on Twitter. @TPressleyJ

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