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Cantermare University, Singapore’s Pony Convention is Asking For Your Support

image1Last year was the first year of Singapore’s “Cantermare University”, held in “Aliwal Arts Centre” in Singapore. While it was a small convention (Only 150 attendees), but it was a lot of fun to those who attended. Like any other convention, panels, musical guests, and games were shared by all. Organizers and guests enjoyed the event so much, this year, less than a month away, they hope to hold it once again in the same location.
This year, the logo was commissioned by Singapore’s own pony artist, Julian Yeo, known on Twitter and Deviant Art as “dm29”
Anyways, this year, the organizers of the Cantermare University event are holding an Indiegogo campaign to fund their convention. Thankfully, since the convention is such a small one in comparison, they only hope to raise $900 USD to pay for their rental and guests. Like any of these Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns, many really cool awards are available to those who donate.
Donate money and you could receive gifts like canvas bags, pencil boxes, mousepads, drawstrings bags, and even a lab coat, many of which include artwork from one of the convention’s talented artists!
Cantermare University is taking place on December 13th this year, so don’t waste any time! Get your tickets and get ready to have some fun.
Check out the Indiegogo page here.

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