Brony Talk: Episode #001: BronyCon 2018 Wrap Up

Episode #001:  BronyCon 2018 Wrap-Up / Tacos and Spiders

What happens when you take two bronies who have never met each other and give them their very own My Little Pony-themed podcast? You get Brony Talk with Sarah and Tyler, a weekly My Little Pony fan podcast exclusive to Brony.com dedicated to the My Little Pony and Brony universe.  Each week Sarah and Tyler talk about the latest episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, MLP Conventions, MLP Merch, MLP Fan Art, MLP Fan music as well as interview their fellow bronies and those behind the making of the show itself.

In Episode #001: Sarah and Tyler recap Brony Con 2018, discuss the future of Brony Con, share their expectations for Brony Con 2019 as well as read some listener-submitted emails about Brony Con ’18.   Sarah and Tyler also attempt to rebuke the rumors out there on the internet and in the Brony fan community that the hotel for Brony Con 2019 is already sold out.    They talk about tacos, too.

Post your thoughts about the show below in the comments or send an email to Sarah and Tyler at podcasts@brony.com and they’ll read your thoughts about anything related to MLP on the show next week and give you a shout out!   Be sure to enter our MLP Caption Contest on Facebook for your chance to win a free MLP t-shirt next week when Sarah and Tyler announce the caption contest winner on their show starting on 8/15.

Donate over on GoFundMe to help Makenshi make it to BronyCon 2019.

Listen to Episode #001:

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