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Brony Puts Together Epic Color Study For My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

12-14-2015 1-28-09 PMWatching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a visual treat, hell, it’s a visual feast of the senses. There are colors all over the place.  So it would make sense that one Brony would come along and attempt to put together a sort of comprehensive study about the most-used colors on the show, how the hues of each color differ, what colors in combination work best together, what colors have the advantage over others. There are an infinite amount of color combos and patterns, at least, there seems to be when stops to think about it–and that’s not taking into account the  mixing of colors either!   

The study is called A PONDERING OF THE PASTEL PONY PIGMENTATION PUZZLE and it was completed by “Hydrus Beta” over on Deviant Art.

You can read the entire 11-page study HERE.

It’s an important work to Equestria and should be read all the way through.

Here’s an example of the detail and thought that Hydrus Beta has put into this work:

“Figure 8-13 shows that distributions of hue, saturation, and brightness in the coats and manes of the stallions.  The histogram of stallion coat hues is somewhat similar to that of the mares, except that there’s a significant diminishment in the range…..”

Amazing work Hydrus!

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