Why do guys like MLP?

My Little Pony has grown tremendously throughout the country, so much so that it now has what some may view as a cult like following. The original idea of My Little Pony was developed to be geared towards young girls. It has now captured the attention of men as well, with mostly men ranging from ages of 18 to 30. These men follow the show like a cult in the sense that they follow the show’s messages like a religion. This growing infatuation with the show has been established through an Internet fan base. These men call themselves “Bronies.”

Bronies share their interest in My Little Pony through websites like EquestraDaily.com. These websites include fan fictions, song remixes, and fan art. In order to bring things more to life, these fans meet in person and also share their interest that way.

So why are Bronies hooked to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? One of the main reasons it is said that men grow to like the show is because of the characters voices. They feel that the voices behind these characters are extremely talented. For instance, the voice of one of the main characters was also the voice of popular characters like Dill from the Rugrats and Timmy from the Fairly Odd Parents.

Another reason why men like My Little Pony is because of the show’s art. Bronies feel that the art on the show is extremely beautiful and well presented. In addition, they find that script for the show is wonderfully written in that it is quick and witty. All these attributes bring together these fans into a community that can bond over the show.