What is a Moderate Brony?

Those who know little about bronies might think that one is just like the next.  After all, bronies are just guys that like My Little Pony, right?  In fact, there are all different kinds of bronies, just as there are varying levels of fandom associated with any product or media franchise.  For example, there are people who watched and enjoyed the ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ TV show when it aired.  Then there are those who buy the box set and binge-watch the show when they need a break from the demands of everyday life.  There are fans who can quote the show, fans who dress up like characters and attend conventions, and fans who engage in creative pursuits associated with the brand, such as penning ‘Buffy’ fan fiction and painting imaginative tableaus featuring cast members.  The point is that every niche has different levels of interest and commitment where fans are concerned, and MLP is no exception.

Brony Phylogeny

Bronies are often grouped into three main categories: creative, hipster, and moderate.  Creative types may use their knowledge and love of the franchise to write fan fiction, customize toys, create artwork, make music, or even build animations or develop video games inspired by and associated with the MLP brand.  Hipster bronies, as expected, tend to treat the show with a sort of ironic reverence, as in “it’s cool for dudes to like MLP because society doesn’t approve of it as a traditional and acceptable male activity”.  And then there are the moderates.

All in Moderation…

Moderate bronies are guys who enjoy the ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic‘ TV program, but don’t necessarily delve much deeper into the many facets of brony culture.  Some may participate in forums or even seek out other areas of interest in the MLP universe, but by and large they don’t tend to devote excessive amounts of time contributing to the My Little Pony community.  Generally speaking, moderate bronies won’t fanatically collect merchandise or seek out old videos or games for consumption.  They are unlikely to engage in MLP cosplay or create music, art, or literature related to the franchise.

But they enjoy the programming enough to watch all of the episodes, purchase seasons of the show on DVD to re-watch at their leisure, and communicate with other fans on forums, just for example.  In fact, moderate bronies tend to make up the largest group in this niche fan base, which is pretty typical of any franchise that gains a certain measure of popularity.  Certainly there will be some amount of cultishness amongst fans, but moderate followers almost always seem to make up the majority population of dedicated followers.