What is a Pegasister?

Although some ladies like to lump themselves in with the brony crowd, female fans of My Little Pony that aren’t in the toddler to pre-tween age range the brand has traditionally targeted often prefer to refer to themselves as pegasisters, a play on the winged horse known as a Pegasus.  In short, pegasisters are the adolescent and adult female counterparts to bronies within the MLP fan base.  That said, there are still plenty of female fans who identify as bronies, which is not surprising if they’ve been fans since the ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’ TV show launched in 2010.  The reasoning behind this is that the brony culture sprung up shortly after the show launched and the franchise re-branded itself, whereas the designation of pegasister wasn’t developed until about a year later.  So original brony chicks sometimes scoff at the separation of fan groups.

But for the most part, female fans of the show, the products, and the franchise at large have adopted the term and built an identity around their particular status within the MLP community.  After all, they are no more the target demographic, per se, than bronies are.  But they’ve connected with the newly accessible brand since its relaunch and immersed themselves in the online culture surrounding the My Little Pony franchise.  As a part of their identity, many have accepted the title of pegasister, embraced the classification, and proudly proclaimed themselves fans by participating in pegasister culture as a separate but equal pursuit in tandem with bronies.

But what makes a person a pegasister?  Like bronies, there are several types of pegasisters.  Some merely enjoy the popular TV program while others collect My Little Pony merchandise.  Some engage in creative pursuits like music, artwork, videos, and custom ponies inspired by the brand.  Pegasisters may also participate in forums and attend events that feature an MLP presence.  They might even dress up for MLP cosplay.  But one thing that all pegasisters share, regardless of their level of commitment to the franchise, is an appreciation for the My Little Pony brand.

Pegasisters may not enjoy the same recognition as bronies, but they are a valid and growing segment of the My Little Pony fan base, responsible for some truly remarkable contributions to the online MLP community.  Pegasisters are neither more nor less creative or invested in My Little Pony fandom than bronies, generally speaking, but these ladies are proving that anyone can appreciate the brand and find ways to have fun as a fan.