What is a Brony?

A brony is essentially a fanboy of My Little Pony.  What does it mean to be one though?  Many people can be found online claiming to be a brony but do they really fit the meaning of the term?

In the most basic of terms, a brony is just as defined above but is that the true essence of it?  Is it truly a term that is used simply to describe male followers of a television show?  Are there other terms for fans of other cartoons?  Why does being a brony seem to be a controversial thing?  What is it like to be described as a brony?

While there are not any set guidelines or prerequisites for one to be called a brony, merely being a fan of the show is technically considered enough to earn the title.  If that is all it takes then who is actually in the fandom?  Who are these people known as bronies?

People in this particular fandom all share a single common interest…My Little Pony.  What is it about this show that makes people become such die-hard fans though?  What makes it interesting enough to have developed such a huge cult following?  It could be that these fans are just looking to take a break from the reality of daily life.  It could be that they are attempting to challenge the status quo that these shows are just for little girls and it might even be that they just like cuddly and cute ponies.

People outside of the target demographic who are fans of My Little Pony tend to be very imaginative and creative in how they actually perceive life.  By the artistic side of the brain being the dominant side, new realms of possibility are opened up and ready to be explored.  This can be seen simply by taking a look at the never ending stream of media that is created by the bronies.

There are fan fics of the various characters and an amazing amount of music that has been inspired directly by the show as well as untold amounts of videos and animations that have been created by the bronies.

Bronies see this franchise as more than just a money making opportunity for the toys and shows.  They see it as an entire universe that is unlike ours and that it is one that is both interesting and fun to explore.

So, what does it really mean to be called a brony?  It means that one is a product of the random encounter with a show that was intended for little girls but instead spawned an entire community of musicians, animators, critics, reviewers, writers and artists who share a passion for the ponies.


A Pegasister is essentially a female version of a Brony.  However, unlike a Brony, in order to fall outside of the typical “Brony” category, the person cannot be a child.  So for all intents and purposes, a Pegasister is a female fan of MLP who is older than (different people will have different opinions on the age threshold, so you fill in this number as you see fit!