What if MLP was Real?

Many fans have fantasized about what the world would be like if the fictional characters, settings, and premises from their favorite franchises existed in the “real” world. What would the world of ‘Jurassic Park’ be like, with extinct dinosaurs running around everywhere? Would mankind kill or be killed by giant, prehistoric predators? What if the technology of the Star Trek franchise allowed us to explore strange, new worlds and seek out new civilizations? What if the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man was 20 stories tall, ghosts lurked around every corner, and a group of mid-level scientists were the only ones capable of warding off these paranormal threats? Fans often enjoy considering the “what ifs” associated with turning their beloved franchises into real-world entities. So what if My Little Pony was real?

For one thing, we’d live in a world that was a lot cleaner and safer, full of conscientious individuals that find creative and productive means of solving their problems. And everypony would pepper their speech with a lot more equestrian metaphors. The color of our skin and hair wouldn’t matter because pretty much everyone would have their own distinctive array of rainbow hues. And we’d all be customizable. Okay, that last one is actually possible already, even though most people don’t put cutie tattoos on their flanks.

Of course, many MLP fans have found creative ways to answer the question, “What if MLP was real?” If you’ve seen photos floating around the web featuring
characters from the animated TV series ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’ depicted in real-world settings, this is a form of fan appreciation known as photo manipulation, or more commonly, Photoshopping. Many fans also create their own custom ponies, in some cases merely painting “blanks”, although some people even go so far as to purchase molds or use 3D printers to craft ponies before decorating them. Others create one-of-a-kind artwork and paper crafts to bring MLP to life. And some fans engage in cosplay, dressing up as their favorite characters to act out scenes from the show or make up their own scenarios in character.
Often these fantastical renderings of fictional ponies in the real world are shared via fan pages and forums devoted to the MLP culture and community. Some come directly from the show or the product lineup while others are brand new creations from the imagination of devoted aficionados. And the products of this “what if” game are just another way for fans to get creative and have fun with the My Little Pony franchise.